From the recording HOE v.4

Bob Csugie: bass, vocals
Larry Deming: fiddle, vocals
Stephen K. Miller: mandolin
Richard Neal: banjo, vocals
Chris Teskey: guitar, vocals

Recorded by Vic Steffens at Horizon Studios, West Haven, CT and
Richard Neal at Circle Sound Stratford, CT and 34 West Recorders, Sandy Hook, CT


Turtle on a Rock

Turtle on a rock soakin' up the sun
Been right there since the day begun
Turtle on a rock goin' nowhere soon
Be up there all afternoon

I don't wanna go to work, punch no clock
Rather trade places with the turtle on a rock

Turtle on a rock got no chores
Got no boss no landlord
No one tellin' him what to do
He's not like me, he's not like you


Turtle on a rock got nowhere to be
No deadlines, no one to see
Turtle on a rock wanna sit for a spell
Rest his legs, rest his shell