From the recording The Covidemos

Mark Epstein: bass
Scott Lebish: drums
Richard Neal: vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion


Left the cold and snow of Boston
On a gray January day
Headed west to California
In my rusted, dented Chevrolet

To get away from Theresa
Turn my back on that world of hurt
Try to forget I ever met that girl

To plant new roots new roots
New roots in the ground
To find new routes new routes
New routes to go down

She was young and smart and fun and pretty
Her heart set on romance
I was lost and weak and stone dead lonely
Just one glance I was entranced

I didn’t look for trouble
But it found me nonetheless
That’s why I hit the highway headed west


Bad luck and honest mistakes
Put the pedal to the metal when I should’ve hit the brakes
She swore she loved me
Her love wouldn’t fail
All I had to hold on to
Was my pride and a steering wheel

Past the pretty grit of Pittsburgh
To St Louis half way there
In the rearview mirror the Gateway Arch
Her eyes, her mouth, her hands, her hair

Limped through Albuquerque
Could almost sniff the coast
And a brand new beginning at the end of the road

I'm planting new roots
I'm finding new routes to go down