1. Moonshine

From the recording The Covidemos

Richard Neal: all vocals and instruments except:
Steve Combs: bass


copyright 2020 Richard F. Neal

To earn a decent wage ‘round here
Get hired digging coal
But there ain’t no way in hell
You’re gonna catch me in that hole

So like my pa before me
And his dad did back in time
I fire up the boiler
To brew a batch of ‘shine

One sip one slug
Another sale another buck
Filling up their bottles, jars and jugs
With moonshine

At first this was adventure
Back when I was young
Loads of cash and a muscle car
The envy of every punk

But since I’ve gotten older
I’m having second thoughts
It’s the grim gray walls of prison
The day that I get caught


To the Feds I ain’t nothing but an outlaw and a cheat
Don’t pay my taxes so they bring the heat
Gotta watch my back like being on the run
Never leave my house without a gun

For as long as I remember
I tended to this still
And after all these many years
Lord knows I have some skill

I dream that beyond this mountain
There’s a real job for me
Working for Jack Daniels
At their distillery
In Lynchburg, Tennessee