Richard Neal: voices, guitar
Lindsey Jones: viola
Larry Deming: violin


Just A Little Something (To Let You Know I Care)
© 2018 Richard F. Neal

If I were a rich man
We’d travel to Paris or Rome
But I am more humble
So we’ll have to stay home

I’ll pick you a flower
From the garden in our yard
And play you a love song
On my beat up guitar

It’s just a little something
A little something I can share
Just a little something
To let you know
To let you know I care

Stay out of the kitchen
Tonight I’m gonna cook
I’m hardly a chef
But I can read the book

What are you craving
Pick a recipe
Sit back and relax
And leave the rest to me


The gift that I can give you
Can’t be valued by its cost
A gift that is worth giving
Is a gift that can’t be bought