Richard Neal: voices, guitar


Sounds Like Home (To Me) (copyright © 2018 Richard F. Neal)

Papa played the fiddle good
He knew the old-time songs
Mama strummed the banjo some
Us kids sang along

Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Goodnight Irene and Amazing Grace
When I hear those melodies today
They take me to that place

It sounds like home
It sounds like home
Sounds like home to me
It sounds like home
It sounds like home
It sounds like to me

Saturday we gathered ‘round
The family radio
Papa turned the tuner dial
To the Grand Ole Opry show

Minnie Pearl the Carter Family
Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline
When I hear those classic tunes again
I travel back in time


Gone are many misty decades
Behind me many miles
Though fads and fashions come and go
Through ever changing styles
Those old songs
Still sound like home to me