1. Islander

Ken McEwen, vocals
Chris Coogan, keyboards
Rob Bognacorso, drums, percussion
Trish Keil: vocals
Nel Malyska: vocals
Richard Neal: guitars


copyright © 2011 Richard F. Neal

She was my sugar she was my spice
In her arms a slice of paradise
Now she's left me and I'm all alone
Stranded on an island of my own

All by myself
Since I lost her
Stuck on this deserted isle
I'm an Islander

Not thirsty don't want no food
My only companion is solitude
Days are hot endless nights
I scan the horizon no help in sight


I'll quit this island won't be deterred
Purge my mind of all thoughts of her
Build a raft with my skin for a sail
My bones for a mast or ride in the belly of a whale