Richard Neal: voice, guitars


The Girl in the Park
copyright © 2016 Richard F. Neal

Can't help but notice the girl in the park
I see her there 8 days a week
She walks her dog before it gets dark
On the path by Longbrook creek

She's the kind of girl
That a fella rarely can meet
Always in a bubble
Always wearing Beats

I can't help but think about the girl in the park
I really want to catch her eye
But she speaks nonstop to a red cell phone
Is it worth the try

I'd have to interrupt her
Run the risk of being rude
That's not my style
I'm not that kind of dude
The girl in the park

She sits on the steps in the sun
On the slope that leads to the garden below
If she'd only put away that friggin’ iPhone
I could stop someday and say hello

Last night I dreamed a dream about the girl in the park
We rode some rides playground
We slid on the slide, swung on the swing
Spun on the merry-go-round

Crimson roses were blooming
The robins chirped and sang
And she ignored her handheld, electronic mobile device
Every time the ring tone rang
The girl in the park