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Finally some action: the summer is beginning to heat up--literally and figuratively!

Two performances next weekend and a few more in the coming months.

Watch the "Shows" page for details...

Locapalooza '20! 

I'm happy to say I'll be accompanying two of my fave songwriters at this event on August 29: Anne Marie Menta and Kim Cornell.

Plus I'll be conducting a songwriting workshop in my off time. We'll take a look at what's going on composition-wise with This Land is Your Land.

Hope to see there!

The Covidemos  

Well, it's been a while since I have been able to write a song. I have been occupied working with many superb artists over the last couple years and have lacked the time (and energy...) to be able to devote to writing.

But the last few months have afforded me the opportunity to compose and demo a few tracks. Click on the "Covidemos" link above and take a listen.

Here's one from the collection...


A Show! 

A real. live, in-person outdoor concert, July 2, 6:30 PM sponsored by Newtown Parks and Recreation with Goldrush.

See you there...



No Shows... 

Needless to say, all performance activity has been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

Same with in-person recording sessions and one-on-one teaching.

While we are confined, I am available for remote lessons via Skype and recording overdubs or mixing projects.

Please stay safe until we can meet again...

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Previous events


Richard Neal/Locapalooza

3 Saints Park, Bethany, CT

I will conduct a songwriting workshop on the Lisa Martin stage. We will take a look at a couple approaches to writing melody. See you there!


FUN with Richard, Trish, Nell & Andy

 —  —

Dickinson Park, 50 Elm Drive, Newtown, CT

We participate in the Families United in Newtown event, Music for FUN. $25 for adults, $15 for students. Rain location: Congregational church 14 West St


The 3 Buskateers

 —  —

The Arcade Mall, 1042 Broad St, Bridgeport, CT

It's Julie, Jordan, and me playing and singing outdoors at the Arcade Mall. We are part of the ARTCADE event, an art walk taking place along the route from the Mall to the City Lights Gallery.