This new collection of recordings is available at, iTunes, and Spotify.

The CD features 10 original compositions by Richard Neal produced by Rex Fowler (Aztec Two Step, The Nutopians, Rex & The Rockabilly Kings). 

Special thanks are due to the many talented, generous people without whom none of this would have been possible:

To Rex, for spearheading this project and inspiring me to take a step up.
To Stephen K. Miller, for his invaluable contributions engineering and listening. Your input was critical.
To Jordan Jancz, for being a great musician and an even better friend.
To Bob Csugie, for being Bob Csugie!
To Anne Marie Menta, for twice making any of this possible.
To Kim Cornell and Erick Feught, for planting the seed that turned things around--I can't thank you enough...
To Vic Steffens, who--as usual--was there for me.
To Sue Truax, for providing sage advice on any number of matters...
To Frank Infurtia, for sharing his skills and knowledge when I needed it most
To Mark Mirando, for lending me his gear and his ear.
To Leejay, for encouragement and acutely accurate evaluations of all things musical.
To Johnny Java, for putting all the visuals together--you're so the man!

Produced by Rex Fowler ( with Richard Neal and Stephen K. Miller

Recorded at Circle Sound, Stratford, CT

Engineered and mixed by Stephen K. Miller and Richard Neal

Mastered by Vic Steffens for Horizon Music Group, West Haven, CT

Layout/Design by Johnny Java

Photography by Lisa Furman

Richard Neal: All Lead Vocals, Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin, & 5-String Banjo
Jordan Jancz: bass, cello
Bob Csugie: bass
Tahlia Furman Cott: fiddle
Rex Fowler: harmony vocals
Patricia Kiel: harmony vocals
Ronell Malyszka: harmony vocals
Porter Carroll, Jr: harmony vocals
Margaret Samalot Feillen: harmony vocals