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More Radio... 

I will join the venerable Jim Motavalii on Tuesday, March 29 at 8:30 at WPKN, 89.5 on your FM dial for an evening of free-form radio. For many years Jim has been--and continues to be--one of the great personalities in media and I am excited to be invited to appear on his show.


Today the one-and-only Frank Crittelli will interview me for his Cygnus Radio show "On the Sofa". It will be broadcast on Monday, March 21 at 7 PM in coordination with the release of my new collection of recordings, A Step Up.

We'll spin a few tracks from the CD, I'll perform live in the studio debuting a new song or two and maybe play a couple others from the recent past.

Thank you Frank!

Weekend Shows 

Celtic music in advance of St Paddy's Day tonight at the Sandy Hook Suzuki school on Church Hill Road. Larry Deming, Andy LaFreniere, Eclipse and John Gould get the celebration started early. And tomorrow with the Nameless Trio at the Audubon Center in Fairfield for their fundraiser, "Adirondack Night". Good cause, good time--more info on the shows page...

The Flagpole Radio Cafe returns! 

This coming Saturday, February 27, we hit the stage once more for another edition of this entertaining variety show. Skits, music from the house band (James Allyn, Howie Bujese, Rick Brodsky, Francine Wheeler, Greg Burrows, and yours truly), plus special guest artist jazz bassist Phil Bowler all promises a lively evening at the Edmond Town Hall theatre.

A Step Up 

This new collection of recordings entitled "A Step Up" is being manufactured now and will be available at the end of March 2016. Check the shows page for CD release concert dates, the first being March 28 at Best Video in Hamden, CT.

Joe Val Bluegrass Festival 

Am looking forward to this weekend and the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, MA. I'll be appearing there with Korey and Co. this coming Saturday. See you there...

Rex and the Rockabilly Kings 

Rex and the Rockabilly Kings, or All About Elvis from 1954 through 1962, features my buddy Rex Fowler. He will be appearing at Daryl's Clubhouse in Pauling, NY (the former Towne Crier) tomorrow night, January 8 at 8 PM with his authentic 4-piece Rockabilly band. The show features Rex's short documentary film "200 Cadillacs" followed by a long set of early Elvis classics. This is Elvis's actual 81st birthday celebration, so wear your blue suede shoes and bouffant dos. Make sure to arrive early in order to enjoy the great food they serve there, too.


On the eve of the New Year a look ahead reveals some interesting stuff in the works: the return of the Flagpole Radio Cafe at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown on February 27; the release of my new collection of recordings in early spring; an appearance at the Joe Val bluegrass festival in February. Plus more to come--stay tuned...

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