Richard Neal is a Connecticut-based multi-instrumentalist (banjo, guitar, mandolin), recording studio operator, producer, session musician, stringed instrument teacher, songwriter, and performer. 

Rocky Horror 

I'll be playing guitar in the pit band of Sacred Heart University's Theater Arts Program production of this play. Show are April 13 - 16 at the Edgerton Theater.

Get tix here:

A New Song... 

Check out "Here To Stay" on my songwriting page--Richard Neal songwriter/Original Music!

Black Bear Americana Festival 

I will be conducting a songwriting workshop on Saturday, October 8 at 12:45 at this great event.

My friends Kim & Erick are running the jam tent all weekend and I'll be there to help out. They have a number of cool happenings planned including a songwriter circle, plus meet-and-greet showcase sessions with a bunch of excellent artists including my buddies G Rockwell, Nick DePuy and Rick Reyes.

See you there!

Upcoming Songwriting Workshops 

I'll be conducting workshops at the CT Folk and Black Bear Americana festivals this autumn.

Saturday September 10 in New Haven at 2:45 and Sunday the 11th at 1 for CT Folk, and Saturday October 8 at 11 for BB.

See you there...

Latin Americana 

My buddy Rick Reyes has conceived of a brilliant musical project: Latin Americana.

We fuse the folk musics of North America and Puerto Rico--check it out...

Watch the shows page for our performances--one of which will be at the the 2022 CT Folk Festival in September.

Autumn Events... 

In addition to all the gigs, a couple interesting events are on the horizon.

I will be conducting 3 songwriting workshops at the Black Bear Americana Festival over the weekend of October 8 - 10--watch the site for more info.

Also in October I will be in the pit band for the Sacred Heart University Theater Arts Department production of "The Other Josh Cohen". This group always presents a great show, watch the site for more info.

Summer Heats Up... 

...temperature-wise and musically.

Among many others I've been performing with 2 of my fave songwriters, bluegrasser Mike Burns and the great Latin American artist Rick Reyes.

Mike has put together a trio consisting of me on dobro and mandolin, Mike, and bassist Lester Wilson. The set mostly features Mike's original compositions plus a few choice covers. This act cooks!

Rick bills his act as "Latin Americana", a melding of North American and Puerto Rican folk music styles. This is something to behold, a bunch of Rick's originals among a selection of covers sung in both Spanish and English. I  play 5-string banjo and mandolin.

Watch the "Shows" page for concert info...

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